Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Just a few minor observations from the past couple of days--
    There were a couple of comments/emails I got asking how to "play" HNT, which I thought was odd. Then I found out they were posting their "I'm up!" comments on the wrong blog! For those who don't already know--there's a HNT blog that Shumpy snagged for me with the Half-Nekkid Thursday name. Just in case it was ever needed for some reason. Well, the comments were still enabled, and about 20 people were stranded there. Sort of like Gilligan's Island. Waiting to figure out why no one was looking for them! I've contacted the ones who hadn't found their way here yet, so we should get about a dozen newbies! Comments have been disabled, and links back to here have been made.... Thanks, Shumpy!
    There were a couple of comments left for me that mentioned that they actually took the time to check out my picture site, as well as poke around the rest of this blog. And they liked what they found. And that it wasn't all HNT! That sort of threw me for a loop. I thought everybody that stopped by stuck around for at least 15 minutes a pop!
    Along those same lines--it is hilarious for me to watch what transpires on Wednesday nights! I alluded to it in an earlier post, but a majority of the first 100 commenters don't even notice that I've got a HNT picture up for the week! Some of you sneak back after half a day has gone by and leave a comment about it, but those first 100--damn! Maybe I should give a prize to the person who posts first.....!
    I've slowly gotten into the Christmas mood. I've noticed that many of you have changed your templates for the season. Which has brought me to the realization that I don't have the time to attempt to do it to mine. I might spruce it up a little, but time is a commodity I don't have right now. My apologies to those who were ready to be blown away....
    Last thought for the day, or for now, anyway. Do Salvation Army bell ringers avoid themselves as much as the general public does? I mean, the basic idea is good, and the money does good things, but do you feel guilty giving money to one guy on one day, and not to another the next? Or worse--give one day, say at the post office, and the same guy looks you in the eye the next day at the same post office, trying to entice you to give? No wonder everyone stays away!!

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