Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dad Update/Mom's B-Day

(If you haven't read the previous post yet, do it. This one will make so much more sense!)

Well, I went down to visit my parents this afternoon. That makes it sound like it's a rare ocassion that I do so. Far from it! But I hadn't seen them since before the Portland trip. So I asked my dad what exactly was going on. For as glib as he was yesterday (and the transcript of the phone call is pretty close to verbatim), he didn't seem that way today. He was still his old self, but there was a sense of nervousness about him. For the first time, I think he's beginning to think about things. As Kalani commented on the last post--it's "just" a catheter and stent. And I think that's the way we've all been thinking about it. In talking about things, he said that his heart just isn't pumping as hard as it should, and they don't know why. That's why they're going to go poking around there on Tuesday. And he fully expects to be sporting a pacemaker in the near future.

But the thing that got me to thinking that they're both a bit hesitant (and really, who wouldn't be?), is that they're making noises about not going to Hawaii in January (they usually spend the first three months of the year down there). That's when I knew that the joking was masking something deeper. I'm still thinking about this as "just" a catheter sort of procedure, but he's nervous. Granted, this will be nothing like his heart attacks from 10 years ago--he saw "the light" a couple of times back then. He may be thinking about that though. I'm sure everything's going to be just fine. I'm so confident, I didn't even ask about the will....
While I was there, I did a little housecleaning on Mom's iBook. Files scattered all over the place.... Anyway, she emailed me this picture from the birthday gathering we had last month.

That's Mom, with Sister2, me and Sister3. What a damned fine looking family! Other that the big gravy stain on S3's right boob. She'd kill me if she knew I pointed that out to you, so don't tell her! Sorry--no pics of Dad this time. He was the photographer for the day!

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