Sunday, November 13, 2005


Many thanks to all who were concerned about my funk earlier in the week. I got 70+ comments from you guys. Something I wasn't really looking for, but do appreciate! I wasn't trying to make it a pity party. I was just funky and needed to vent. Actually, still am, but not as bad as I was. A long, late-night talk with a someone in particular brought me a long ways out of it. But not completely. And apparently, I'm not alone! Many of you mentioned the seasons--winter's coming, Christmas comes earlier every year, shorter days, dark nights. Actually, I like all of those things!

No, my funk has roots in events of many years past that occurred around this time of year. Life-altering events. Life-altering in a negative way. And every year, I go through this. But I'll tell ya--those things that I wrote flowed so easily from my fingers....

I'm OK. I will survive (cue Gloria Gaynor). Besides, I have you guys to look out for me! And Christmas is coming!!

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