Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blue & Gold HNT

If you haven't done it yet, go get yourself placed on the Frappr map over there in the sidebar! That goes for the numerous Texans and Tennesseeans, in particular!!!

I cannot tell you how much it pains me to be posting this particular HNT. This weekend was the 105th "Brawl of the Wild" here in Montana. The UM Grizzlies (8-2) from Missoula invading the turf of the MSU Bobcats (6-4) in Bozeman. This was actually a no-brainer. The Cats were lucky to win many of their games--mostly in the last minute. The Griz on the other hand, were headed to the NCAA 1-AA playoffs for a record 16th time (13 in a row!). So in my oh, so cocky manner, I challenged my oldest and dearest bloggerbuddy Lizabeth, who lives in Bozeman, to a bet. Even though she didn't attend MSU, by law, if you live in Bozeman, you MUST root for the Cats, even though they were clearly the lesser team. So the bet was made--the loser would have to post themselves in the colors/gear of the winning team for their next HNT. I even had a cute little boxer shorts/tank top combo picked out for her. I would have gone with the thong, guys, but I couldn't find any Griz thongs...

Well, hell. The short story--the Griz sucked, the Cats played very well, and their QB, Travis Lulay (one of the best QBs in the country), ended his collegiate career by beating the Griz. So now I have to do the whole blue & gold thing. But, I sort of have an out...

What I don't think she realized is that I, Osbasso, supporter of all that is Griz, actually got my first degree from MSU. I didn't learn anything really from MSU, other than how to party. And I was a very good student in that area! At one time I despised the Grizzly Nation. I bled blue & gold. Thank God those days are long past. Unfortunately, there's plenty of documentation of my time there, so I can't just wish it away. These were the 70s. The time of disco, too. I firmly believe that the 70s were nothing more than a Commie plot to bring down the country, but I digress... I present to you, in all its glory (be sure to click the pics--you don't want to miss these!), my MSU days...

There's the picture of me knee-deep in the Gallatin River, pouring beer into the river from the keg at my feet, with wisps of my long, blow-dried hair wafting in the gentle breeze (recognize the locale, L.?); and there's me with a couple of my pep band buddies (flute players--yes, we're squeezing each other's butts) at a basketball game, with my now uncut hippie hair scaring all the locals;

me at the top of Hungry Horse Dam in northwestern MT with my hippie hair gone, replaced by the hip, disco/afro-like hair; and finally with Kathy, and my hair doing its own thing, and me with a smile that means only one thing--I'm gettin' laid tonight! God, how I miss those days!

In looking at these, a few things stand out. Yes, that's the same yellow shirt in three of the pictures. Yes, at one time I was actually SKINNY (though I seem to remember that I thought I was overweight at the time--who knew?)! Yes, that's probably the only picture you'll ever see of me without facial hair. Yes, all four pictures were taken at different stages of the last year of my teenage years.

Knowing that you guys would probably cry "foul" if I left it at this, I scrounged around and found the sweater (yes, the same one from up above). It doesn't fit quite the way it used to, but I found the alumni newsletter, complete with an order form for new MSU gear (like I'll really order any), and I've got the website of the Missoulian with the story of the loss, even though you can't read it very well. I even added a special bonus for Lizabeth only--can you spot it, L.? The rest of you don't need to bother--you don't know what you're looking for. And no, it's not the picture of my nieces on the all, perverts! Back off!

No one took me up on my offer to host their pics, but a number of them let me know that they had posted early on their sites for travel reasons or whatever. Be sure to check these sites out: Damasta, VirgoJen, Zulu, Rachel, katehopeeden, Ann and Robyn. In addition, these people living east of the US east coast posted in their own Thursdays: Paul, Wenchy and Mistress Dirtbag. Don't ignore them!!
For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you have alot to be thankful for! Personally, I'm thankful for the friends and community that HNT has brought to me. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this to become what it has! So I thank each and every one of you! Even you heathens who aren't celebrating Thanksgiving today!!If you're traveling, be safe. If you're with family, enjoy your time together. If for some reason you're alone, remember that you really aren't--we're all here with you! I'll be eating an extra slice of turkey for all of you!

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