Saturday, November 19, 2005

"Half-Nekkid Thursday!" Is 6 Months Old!

On May 19th, 2005, a small idea was brought to fruition. "Half-Nekkid Thursday!", a small brainstorm of Osbasso hit the internet. Originally thought of as a 3-5 week project to involve maybe 5 or 6 blogger friends sort of got out of control. To celebrate, I offer the very first, original HNT! May there be many, many others!

Just a little reminder to all that today is our first "Half-Nekkid Thursday". This is renamed from the "Half-Naked Thursday" found on another blog--wanted to avoid that whole messy copyright infringement issue.

This is my first offering--a ripped open blister on the back of my heel.
Now, while this might be a bit more graphic than intended, it is an appropriate submission for "Half-Nekkid Thursday".

So be sure to post your personal entry on your own site. Be sure to mention that it's your "Half-Nekkid Thursday" contribution. If you need a refresher of the whole concept, scroll down to the "Mini-Rants and Observations" on this page for details and expectations.
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