Saturday, November 26, 2005

Football, Post Finishing, and More Pics

Well, my Griz lost. Mightily. To Cal Poly. The good thing is that they've got a freshman quarterback who's got experience, and will probably be the starter for the next 3 years. The downfall of the Griz shouldn't rest on his shoulders, but I'm sure there's some finger pointing. I predict that next year should be a better year.

On the other hand, Carroll College is rolling on to it's anticipated 4th national championship in NAIA. They are one of four remaining teams. They'll host one more playoff game next week, and, assuming they'll win, they go on to the chapmionship game in Savannah, TN. GO SAINTS!
To finish off my post from last night--the only subject I didn't get to was the new good friend. A particular blogger got home late Thursday night and emailed me to see if I was up or not. Well, I had 2 hours time difference on her, so I replied back. We decided to chat, and ended up spending about 2 and a half hours with her. Maybe more. Just about everything was chatted about. The good and the bad. We both had plenty to share. It was a wonderful evening, and I look forward to more chats like that in the future (hopefully not so late into the night during the week, but who knows?). So to M.-- thank you for a wonderful evening!!
I figured now that I've got this very nice camera, I should take some pictures with it and start posting them on the other site. So I've posted some more pics from Thanksgiving. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to come back for more! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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