Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Questions again...

LAST EDIT: I have my 25 questions. Look for the answers this weekend!

I was browsing through my archives yesterday. I'd forgotten most of what I'd ever written! It was all quite interesting! Well, relatively interesting, anyway. One that caught my eye was from August. It's where, in a fit of being uninspired, I opened up the floor to questions. I answered the first 25 questions that were asked of me. This is how I worded it:
    Go ahead and ask me a question--any question. I'll answer it as truthfully as I can. Hints--don't ask me about philosophy, politics, books, art or movies. I don't do any of them. And sex questions will get you painfully dull answers, trust me! Anything else is fair game. I will answer the first 25 questions asked. Limit--one question per person.
I suppose it's time to do it again! I'll answer the first 25 questions received. There's enough new readers since August that it should be fun! If you had a question answered the first time around, wait for a couple of days to allow new people to ask! And if you want to see what the 25 questions were the last time, go here. Seriously, I like doing this!!

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