Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dad Update/Questions/Blogger Shutdown/Zubbles!

I should have posted this earlier, I suppose. My ISP just went down all over town. Customer service says it won't be up for at least an hour. Well, I suppose I can finish this then go to bed...

Dad was scheduled for 11:00 AM surgery. He was #5 in line. He didn't get in until around 3:00. Apparently someone ahead of him had complications. So everyone had to wait. Sorta like this....

Mom called me at around 5:30. Apparently things went well. But there's good news and less-than-good news. The stents that were there already are fine. And there's no real blockage of any of the arteries. But they still don't know why his heart is weak. There's some portion of a test (help me here Moose) that should be at least 60%. His last test (the reason he had to go in today) he was at 44%, and on the table he had fallen to 37%. So he gets a pacemaker. But he has to go to Billings to get it (very good heart center there), and they're booked until sometime in December. Hope he makes it! At least this will give me time to butter him up about the whole will thing!!

I will answer the 25 Questions (see post above) as soon as I get the full 25. Right now I'm at 21. Remember that I won't answer previously-answered questions! See the link for those questions in the post! I can tell you now that there's a couple of questions that are going to be tough for me to answer!

I'd like to thank Blogger for announcing their 2-hour "shutdown" last night. I announced it so that anyone who needed to finish up a post or whatever could do it. Well, I was blogging through the entire time that they were supposed to be down. Thanks, Blogger, for making me look like a jackass! (like I need their help to do that!)

Some fun news! We've all blown soap bubbles as kids at some point in our lives. Some of us have probably dabbled in the art of the really huge bubbles, too! Well, somebody decided that the world needed now were COLORED bubbles! Not the boring, but beautiful clear ones. COLORED ones! And the result of this decision? Zubbles!

    "For the first time, children will be able to choose their favorite Zubbles from a range of rich, vibrant colors, and experience the magic of watching colored bubbles float through the air. And, using a new class of patent pending specialty dyes developed by C2C Technologies, the color in Zubbles® magically disappears when exposed to air, water or pressure."
So that's pretty cool! I think they'll be available in February...

Well, my internet's back up, and within 15 minutes! Guess I'd better apologize. Yeah, right! Go get your pics ready--don't forget that my comments will be disabled this afternoon!

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