Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Carroll College

As previously mentioned, Carroll College is favored to win its 4th consecutive NAIA Football Championship next month. The picture in the header is of QB Tyler Emmert. His completion percentage is now just over 70.5 percent as he stands with 977 completions in 1,385 attempts. The NAIA record is 66.2 percent and no college quarterback has ever completed 70 percent with a minimum of 1,000 attempts. I believe that is also better than any other level of collegiate or professional football. Emmert is 48-3 as the starting quarterback of the Saints. He was 24-0 as quarterback for Capital High.

PeeMan is peeing on Montana Tech, home of the Orediggers. They are Carroll's next opponent in the playoffs. They are located in Butte, which is less than an hour south of Helena on I-15. Should be a good crowd!

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