Sunday, November 13, 2005

Post-HNT Stuff

We grow by leaps and bounds! Passed the 300 comment mark this time. There's over 400 listed in the Nekkid roll, though it needs to be cleaned up. A few dead links, a few former participants, and a bunch of newbies from this week that I haven't gotten to. My guess would be around 400 active links right now. Nice job, people!

There's still a couple of assholes (outsiders) who have nothing better to do with themselves than spew forth their own vile brand of "commentary". Kudos to the women who continue to HNT in the face of this crap. You have the backing of just about every one of us. Don't know what we can do about it, but I think ignoring them is the best thing to do. If they can't get a rise out of us, they'll move on. On the other hand, if any of you know how to infect them with a particularly nasty virus, I'm all for that!

To the girls of Klineapalooza (and their men who manned the cameras!). You certainly know how to throw a party! While I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't some sort of group HNT picture taken (or was there...?), you weren't shy about posting pics of the fun! As I commented on one of your sites last week--I wish I had a group of friends like yours who will get together and enjoy life as much as you guys do! Thanks for sharing it with poor slobs like me!! Feel free to send me the CD when you get everything together! Please. No, really, seriously....

I've noticed that some of you are urging newbies to comment so that we know about them. I had about 5 this week who emailed me directly to ask what to do. But there's still alot out there who are by themselves out there in the ocean of Blogworld and nobody knows it! Do what you can to bring them in!

A final thanks to my HNT Mystery Guests! And to the individual who suggested it in the first place. It was a great idea, and popular amongst the masses! Now I have to do it on my own--back to the boring ones....

An idea brought forth by Kalani, and used in one form or another by some others, including Femi-mommy and Sasha, is to have some sort of way to check out your prior HNT pics. Some will link back to the original posts, others to just the pictures. I have done the latter--there's a button in the sidebar to send you off to my prior pics. Cleverly titled "MY HNT PICS". Just an idea to share with all of you--you should all do it!

Are you all turning off word verification for the day? What's the feedback there? Has there been a noticeable difference?

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