Sunday, November 13, 2005

Postin' Fool!

Damn, I'm a postin' fool tonight! There's alot of new ones, so be sure to check them all out! Some final things before I call it a night...

I'm going to keep bugging you guys to get posted on the Frappr map! The link's over there in the sidebar. It's simple, free, and it's fun to see where everyone's from. Like someone commented over there--we need to get HNT in every state!!

Some other blog things I'm going to do that everyone else has done at one point or another:
  • I'm going to do that "100 Things About Me". I know that when I start it, I won't be able to think of 20 things, but I'll end up dropping about 50, just to keep it at 100!
  • I'm going to make a list of every big concert I've ever attended (in other words, not the Central School 6th grade band concert). This will be an ongoing project. I'm going to really have to do some serious memory work for this....
  • With Christmas coming, I'm going to put up a wish list. I don't really expect anyone to get me anything, but you never know!

My mother emailed me this afternoon (yeah, they live 3 blocks away, and she knows my phone #, but she's determined to be a computer geek at 70!). Anyway, this is the full message:
    Dad had his stress test today and things aren't all that good. He goes in for a heart catheterization on Tuesday and possibly another stent. They do that here now. After that look see they'll decide, but he'll probably have to go to Billings for a pacemaker. Later, Mom
WTF?? Do you sense any urgency here that my Dad's going to have heart surgery next week??? And she signs it "Later, Mom"?? Not, "Love, Mom". Huh??? So I called right away, and Dad answers the phone--



    "I hear you've got problems."

    "How'd you hear that?? Damn, news travels fast!"

    "Mom just emailed me..."


    "So you're feeling OK?"


    "So I don't need to come down or anything this weekend?"

    "No, not really. We don't have any beer here anyway."

    "I mean, this wouldn't be the last time I see you or anything like that, would it?"

    "Hell no! I just thought you wanted to know where the will is and where the money's going..."

    "I already know that stuff."

    "We changed it."

In reality, he has been feeling good, so this took him by surprise. But he's looking at all this as routine maintenance. Yes, there's always some risk, but things have come a long ways over the years.

I'm still going down to see him tomorrow.

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