Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey Hangover Musings

If you haven't done it yet, go get yourself placed on the Frappr map over there in the sidebar! That goes for the numerous Texans and Tennesseeans, in particular!!!

Well, I'm feelin' just a little full--of turkey, of myself, of blogworld losers, and a new real good friend. Please follow along....

Kneeling: S2, N3
Middle: Nephew, Mom, S3
Back: N2, N1, BIL1, BIL2, Dad, Os

That's the family, except for S1 and her hubby. They're in OR. Note the card table to the right. The kiddie table. Except in this family it means the 4 youngest males. Grunt, grunt. In this family that means everyone but Dad. Forty-eight years old, and I'm still at the kiddie table. We gorged, as usual. It's really quite obscene. Even at that, there were still plenty of leftovers, so being the poor bachelor son in the family--I'll be eating well for awhile! Alot of beer and wine. Lots of conversation. It was nice, but it's always nice to get away from them too!

In my post-turkey delirium, I started to feel a little down. Then I came to a realization. I am very possessive about my blogfriends. I don't like sharing them. I don't like that I have to share them with some other of my blogfriends, or worse--bloggers I don't know! I don't want to share them with their real lives. I want to have them at my beck and call. All the time. I've been feeling this way about a few of you guys. I'm not getting the phone calls or emails or chats (well, I guess I'd have to have a chat program running...) that I realized I need/want. Of course, I'm hardly the most dependable person to return emails/phone calls/whatever, but that's "different". Some of you might recognize yourselves here, some won't. Don't worry about it. Part of this is still my funk, part of it is my turkey hangover. But I never realized how much I value you guys!

I was out and about, checking out HNTs, and came across a disturbing trend. Some very fine sites are shutting down or altering their sites due to the rude comments of others. Seems that there's a new crop of assholes out there. (BTW--for as much as I hate the FLAG up there in the corner, let's use it on some of these guys. I suggest this asshole first. Just click on the FLAG on his blog!) We've all seen how it's been creeping in. There have been a couple of "editorials" about this as well, and as soon as I have permission to steal them, I'll post them here. They need to be read.

The other thing that I've noticed about our HNT community is that there are some definite neighborhoods that have formed. Certain bloggers have developed a kinship with others, and regularly visit each other. I have found a couple of these neighborhoods that I didn't know existed, and continue to add them to the Nekkid roll. It's actually quite fascinating!

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