Saturday, November 19, 2005

Brawl of the Wild

***EDIT: OH, WELL SHIT.....***

The big game kicks off in less than an hour. University of Montana (8-2) vs. Montana State University (6-4). 105th meeting. Grizzlies vs. Bobcats. Longest rivalry west of the Mississippi. The Griz/'Cat Game (unless you're rooting for MSU--then it's the Cat/Griz game). If the Griz win, they win the conference championship and most likely will host all playoff games up the championship itself in Chatanooga, TN. If the Cats win, then many deserving teams on the "bubble" will be eliminated from the playoffs.

The game is played in Bozeman this year (MSU's home turf), which is where the lovely Lizabeth lives. As a Bozemanite, she is a defacto Bobcat supporter. The economy depends upon that. So even though she didn't go to MSU, she's deluded herself into thinking that the Cats will beat the Griz. In everything. Not just football. I, on the other hand, know better! Anyway--I emailed her to set up the bet, and like a bobcat cowering in the shadows, I have not gotten a response from her. So that indicates to me that she's cool with it (yeah, I know. I'm stretching things here). This is similar to the bet that Chuck and Mel had for the Tennessee/Georgia game earlier this season. The loser has to post themselves wearing the colors/gear of the winning team for the next HNT. Lizabeth, you can't back out now! It's up on the internet, so you're bound by international law to participate! I'd like the picture of you wearing the Grizzly boxers and tank top!

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