Thursday, November 03, 2005

HNT Mystery Guest VI

Not much to say, since my computer time is limited. I've done minimal browsing this week, and quite frankly, I feel way out of the loop. And it's not going to get better. HNT is going to kick my ass this week as far as keeping up. But I'll have the weekend to try to catch up. But some individual comments--

I don't have time to do anything for you Kalani, other than wish you a very Happy Birthday now. Wish I could do more...

To the girls at Klineapalooza--I would kill to be there! You know what you need to do to keep me happy! If you want to send some "private" ones over this way, you're highly encouraged to do so!

Moose--while the excitement of moving you into your new house doesn't quite match the fun of Klineapalooza, you know that if this trip hadn't happened, I would have been there! Hope it goes smoothly!

Fine Halloween costumes to those who posted them! I need to find a group of friends in the outernet who get crazy like you guys!

Rachel--I'm coming home tomorrow. We need to do a beer or two over the weekend. I have alot to teach you in the next couple of days (get your heads out of the gutter, people!).

Finally--the last Mystery Guest--it's a bit different, but should be instantly recognizable if you've checked out the site before!

Have a great HNT without me! I'll start commenting on Friday night, I think!

OH YEAH!! If you have Word Verification turned on, PLEASE TURN IT OFF FOR THE ONE DAY!! It won't hurt you for one day, and it will make it easier on the rest of us!!!

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