Wednesday, November 23, 2005

HNT Holiday Hosting

Well, no one took me up on my offer, so expect HNT to be "business as usual"!

I've had a number of people question me about whether or not we'd have HNT next week or not, since about 90% or more of us will be celebrating Thankgiving. In my omniscient manner, I have decided that YES!, we'll still run HNT next week! And I offer an option--knowing that many of you will be traveling on Wednesday (or earlier), I will host any HNT pictures for you in case you won't be near a computer. You will be posted with just your website address to identify you. No commentary from you, no comments from us.

"But Os," I hear you all gasp. "I'm a comment whore. I NEED my comments!!" I've thought about this, too! I will link your website address back to your site, where you'll put up a one-time post called "Thanksgiving HNT Comments". Then everyone can comment to you on that post! You can set that up now and keep it as a draft until you leave for your Thanksgiving obligations. Is it perfect? No. Is it better than nothing at all? Absolutely. Is this going to be an incredible pain in the ass? Not for anyone but me, but since we all know that I do whatever it takes to make you, the loyal HNTers, happy, I'll make the sacrifice! It's not like I'll be doing anything else anyway!

So email me your pics. I'm going to set up a new email account for this. Anyone have a gmail invite they need to get rid of?
EDIT!!! I have a gmail account! Thank you Serra! Send the above-mentioned HNT pictures to:
Yeah, you know me--Mr. Originality with the name!

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