Thursday, November 10, 2005

HNT Mystery Guest Grand Finale!!

Well, now that my name has been taken in vain by all of you, did you like the way I turned off comments so that we didn't turn into "Half-Nekkid Wednesday Afternoon"??

Well, this is it. After today, I have to do my own HNT pictures. I can no longer be the slacker that I've been. My deepest thanks to all that contributed pictures. They were all worthy of posting--we just ran out of weeks. And thanks to all that liked the idea! It wasn't mine, but when it was suggested to me, it definitely sounded like a winner!

Below are the submissions. Not all of them--some people sent in multiple samples. You only get to see one from each person. Click on the picture to get the larger size. A couple of them have some detail that you'll need to check out. The list of participants can be found below.....

And the participants (in alphabetical order):
  • Aughra
  • Bricotrout
  • Bsoholic/Thomcat_13
  • Femi-mommy
  • Gigi (Goobergrl)
  • Kalani
  • Rachel
  • Roselly
  • TechyMike
  • Warcrygirl
Again--many thanks to all of you! Now let's get half-nekkid!
Oh, yeah. Go to the sidebar over there and click on the Frappr map link. It's interesting to see where we're all coming from!
And don't forget to turn off word verification for the day!!

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