Monday, November 14, 2005

Blogger PSA

Hey, I kinda like that. Other than the tag on it... Thanks Tracey!

A couple of things before she shuts down tonight--

Dad goes to the hospital tomorrow at 11 AM. Thanks all for your good wishes. I think everything's going to be fine.

After everyone made a comment on my mother, I went back and took a look--she IS a good looking woman! I always new that growing up, but I haven't really taken a hard look at her recently. Not bad for 70! Thanks for making me look!

Addict had a good idea to move the "questions" post up higher. Many of my might have missed it. Be sure to check my prior 25 questions (there's a link)--I won't answer a repeat. Jenny, if you see this--pick a different question! Roselly--books are off limit, only because I don't read. You can ask a different question, too. This is your chance to get into the head of Os! A couple of you have already asked some toughies. I plan to answer these seriously (or as seriously as I can!). Fun questions are acceptable too!

According to my calculations, Blogger goes dark in 30 minutes! Catch you on the other side!

EDIT--It's 25 minutes after the time it's supposed to shut down (for 2 hours). So who knows when things will happen??

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