Thursday, December 01, 2005

Chilly HNT

Let's get down to business first. Today (Dec. 1st) is Sasha's birthday. At this point, I haven't seen it yet. But she told me that it was going to be a winner. Oh, my sweet Lord! I have seen her post! All I'll say is that she wasn't kidding, and it's better than her BoobieThon submissions! Now dammit, at least have the courtesy to wish her a "Happy Birthday" first before leaving your other comments!
As usual, if you haven't checked out the Frappr map link, it's over there in the sidebar above the Fear Friday button. It really is neat to see how we're distributed out there. Last time I looked, there were about 165 of us marked. Let's get the rest! Best of all, it's FREE!
One of our own has made the Big Time! The Bored Housewife was apparently listed on's page as a "Blog Of Note". She's apparently gotten a mess of visitors (including some real trolls), but so have many of us! I saw in her comments that there were some of our regulars who were referred from her page as well. There may be a noticeable increase in traffic today!
Winter in Montana. Brings forth images of 4 feet of snow on the ground, bone-numbing winds, and no green grass until mid-June. To be fair, there are places in the state like that, but Helena sits in a weird climatological zone. Many years have gone by where we didn't get snow until mid-January! With mild/temperate temperatures throughout December. But we don't tell many people that. We're sorta selfish that way.

Well, it ain't happenin' this year! Forecast calls for snow all week, with temps not even getting out of the teens! Nights will be in the single digits. Ignoring the fact that I've lived all my life (since I was 5) in the Northwest, and mostly here, you'd think I'd love it. You'd be wrong, wrong, wrong! I don't ski, ice-fish, snowmobile or play hockey (well, few people around here do that...). Wintertime is best spent inside, pining away for the spring. I do that well!

Anyway--I step out on my balcony last night and am instantly impressed as to how easily I can see my breath. I think to myself, "Self, there's a HNT to be had here!" So I take my tripod out there, and my wonderful new camera, and I strip down to half-nekkid for the picture. It's 13 degrees out (that's about -11 degrees C for my Canadian friends and others...) There's a hint of a breeze, and a definite nip in the air now. I set the timer, and snap off about a dozen pics, looking for the perfect "see your breath" picture. I rush inside and download the pics, and not a single one showed my breath. I know I could see it. I froze my man-boobs out there taking the "perfect" pic. Yet it didn't exist. So I fooled around with iPhoto ('cuz I don't know Photoshop--I need to expand...). Lo and behold there it was! A cloudy formation of warm microglobules of my breath. With a good dose of warm Diet Coke w/Lime and Taco John's tacos (Taco Tuesday last night!). Since I was fooling around with it, I also saturated it with blue (which is the color I had turned when all was said and done). So I give to you my HNT. If I could have had someone around to warm me up, the night would have been so much better!

Be sure to check out some of the "early" posters (why can't the US and the rest of the world hit Thursday at the same time???). Go take a look at Wenchy, Furzl, Paul, Mistress Dirtbag, and Velma!

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