Friday, December 02, 2005

Stolen, but Updated!

Well, that was a fun day! I loved the comments of the people who thought they were the first to comment, yet found themselves to be somewhere in the teens to twenty range! Congrats to Bricotrout and Audra who did a tag team post between them, and were the first to comment. Since it was Brico who actually did the commenting, I'm off the hook, but since I have not seen a look more hilarious and endearing than Audra's on her version of events, I might actually have to come up with something. I'll have to think about that one! Thanks you two for one of the best HNTs we've ever had!
I got a couple of emails from Sasha during the day. She was a bit overwhelmed with the response to her post. She asked me to convey her thanks to each and every one of you for your kind words. She's only got dial-up at home, and she'd like to thank everyone individually, but that would take well into next week! She will try to get to as many as she can, but it may take awhile... So in the meantime, THANKS to all!!
I hope you got to Susie's site. Yesterday was also her birthday (which had I known....). Rumor has it that she, too, posted herself in her birthday suit, but swapped it out later in the day. I didn't get to see evidence of that, but it sounds like she did. Susie--you know what you have to do!
If you have time to kill, go to this site. This is the best winter/Christmas timewaster out there. It's the snowball fight. It's been around for a few years. It doesn't get old! And it's much more fun than whacking that penguin!
I'm bringing the questionnaire thing back up from below. Many of you skipped it in your rush to get your HNT comments in. I posted it because I was bored and needed to get something done. Little did I realize that some of you answered it somewhat seriously! And believe me, I'm flattered by some of the responses! If you think you want to answer them, I suggest that you do it before you read how others responded. Makes for interesting reading when all is said and done! I'll do a post later to answer/comment to many of the things that get brought up!

Yes, Here's another stolen idea! This time from Southern Sweetheart, who stole it from...... I hope you'll take the time to put your answers in my comments......let's see how creative you people are!

01] I _____ Osbasso.
02] Osbasso is _____.
03] If I were alone in a room with Osbasso, I would _____.
04] I think Osbasso should _____.
05] Osbasso needs _____.
06] I want to _____ Osbasso.
07] Someday Osbasso will ___.
08] Osbasso reminds me of _____.
09] Without Osbasso _____.
10] My memories of Osbasso are _____.
11] Osbasso can be _____.
12] The worst thing about Osbasso is _____.
13] The best thing about Osbasso is _____.
14] I am _____ with Osbasso.
15] One thing I would like to know about Osbasso is _____.
16] Osbasso should go and _____.
17] Osbasso _____ me.

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