Thursday, December 29, 2005

Year-End HNT Memories

Edit: Two things I've notice about today--1) This was an inadvertent way to show off to some of the newer HNTers what we "old-timers" have done over the months. Alot of exploring the archives going on today!, and 2) I have a great deal of housecleaning to do over in the Nekkid roll. There's alot of dead links I need to get rid of! Continue on....!

Just a reminder that the plan for this HNT is for you to pick your personal favorite HNT picture from the ones that YOU'VE posted. And write a little blurb about why it's your favorite. Of course, many of you will do a new one instead, or in addition to your favorite. Or you'll pick more than one favorite. That's OK too!

For me, there was really only one choice. HNT w/Me & Michelle in the Tub. This one showed up on Sept. 15th. I like it the best because of the long story that preceded the actual picture. More than a few of you were ready to string me up by my privates for what I wrote, which described, among other things, physical abuse, playing around, loyalty, threesomes, and the fact that Michelle stuck with me through thick and thin.

If you want to check the original post, you can find it here. So give us your favorite! And then let's ring in the first HNT of 2006 with a bang!

The only notification I got about early posts were from Trouble (a newbie), and Susie & Mr. Ratburn (doing a little tag team post).

Other things to check out:
  • Be sure to get listed on the free Frappr map. The link is over there in the sidebar---->>
  • There's only a couple more days where I will blatantly be asking for booby shots. Many of you have graced me with your pictures, and to you I say thanks! Many of you are teasing me with "I'll get one to you" or "Maybe". You need to get them to me! If you have questions, see the post below from a couple of days ago.
  • In case you don't make it back here in the next couple of days, here's hoping that you have a SAFE and Happy New Year! We want to see you all back in 2006!!!

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