Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tagged Yet Again!

I generally hate these things, but I was tagged by Kelly, so I'd better do it. She's got a shirt of mine that can be held hostage. Or worse....
    1) What were you doing 10 years ago?
      I was the Executive Director of the Symphony. At the time it was a highly dysfunctional non-profit, with board members making my life a living hell. I was the sole staff person, other than the music director. (By comparison, the Symphony now has a 17-member paid staff, and the Board pretty much stays out of the way!)

    2) What were you doing a year ago?
      Lamenting the fact that I had nothing planned for New Year's Eve. Ended up going to two different parties that night!

    3) What are 5 of your favorite snacks?
      Ruffles Potato Chips w/Nalley's Dill Pickle Dip.
      Macadamia Nuts.

    4) What 5 songs do you know all the words to?
      Rodeo Song - Gary Lee & Showdown
      Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw - Jimmy Buffett
      Star Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key
      King Herod's Song - Jesus Christ Superstar
      Brandy - Looking Glass

    5) 5 things you would do if you had money--
      Take care of family members.
      Take care of close friends.
      Get a bitchin' stereo for the car.

    6) 5 bad habits--
      Spending money I don't have.
      Not introducing friends to others (sorry Rachel!).
      Paying bills late.
      Being sarcastic at inopportune times.

    7) 5 things I love to do--
      Music--anything to do with it.
      Surf the internet.

    8) 5 things I would never get new, buy new,or wear again--
      Cowboy boots.
      Sweater vests.
      Pre-recorded VHS movie.
      Off-the-shelf musical instrument.
      Ice skates.

    9) 5 favorite toys (not in order)--
      New digital camera
      Michelle (my trombone)
      Bass guitar

    Now I get to tag 5 people--
      I will not subject this torture on anyone further. Besides, I think everyone I know has done this one at least once already!

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