Friday, December 16, 2005

HNT On the Road

EDIT--I'm in Sioux Falls, SD, stealing wireless internet access from the parking lot of Taco John's. Hence the early opening of HNT!

Computer went tits up on me early Tuesday, so I've added that to the list of crap.

Chuck-no Kokanee this trip. We'll work something out.

Monkey, Maddy, Anne, Julie, M, and alot of others--I owe you guys emails still!

Just a quick one for all of you. No time for myself, but these are some of the half-nekkid people I think I'll meet up with this week! Hopefully I'll get to meet some more! Pics and stories will follow, I'm sure!

4031 snowhnt4ol chest 012
Picture 387 hnt 000_17351
IMG_2311 DSCF0445 HNT 0042
100_0554_2 Picture 009a KelHNT01

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