Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blogging Memories

I stole this from Leesa's site. It's pretty cool.

What was the first line from your blog the first day of each month in 2005.

January: Yep, it's happening! (Starting my blog, that is!)

February: As I was trolling around the blogosphere (a word I don't like--not sure why), I saw a post by a woman who was so excited that she found an alternate way of posting pics without using Hello, or whatever PC people use. (I tend to ramble on, can't you tell?)

March: I'm flipping through channels, waiting for something decent to come on, and I end up watching "Nashville Star". (Why was Bret Michaels from Poison a judge for this???)

April: His death hasn't been announced yet, but it seems inevitable. (Pope John Paul II)

May: I didn't own my first computer until I was 30 years old. (Post about how damned old I am...)

June: I don't usually get worked up about much, but once in awhile, I just get pissed off. (Rant about Burger King employees leaving two slices of tomato on my Whopper, after TWICE requesting no tomatoes.)

July: Here's to Ago-go, Dena, Corrina, and any of my other Canadian blogfriends I'm not aware of. (Happy Canada Day!)

August: Like I don't have anything better to do, such as SLEEP! Here's an alphabetical list of CDs I own. (Sort of self-explanatory.)

September: I have 2 tickets to see Crosby, Stills and Nash in Missoula tonight (115 miles west of here), and the gates opened 20 minutes ago! OH, FUCK!! (And I'm drinking beer in a park in downtown Helena. FUCK!)

October: I have my own personal reasons for contributing to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (the same group that organizes the "Race For the Cure"). (Plugging this year's BoobieThon.)

November: Well, I'm here. (Reporting on my trip to Portland to see just.a.girl and the Rolling Stones.)

December: Let's get down to business first. (Announcing that the day was Sasha's birthday.)

As I was going through Leesa's first sentences, I found that I need to go back and check some things out! She didn't leave any explanations, which made for interesting comments! Please feel free to steal this and relive your own 2005!

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