Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Fill In the Blanks - Thoughts

When I put up that Fill In the Blank thing, I really didn't expect anyone to actually take the time to fill it out. As others have noted on their own sites, it really is an ego boost! For those who answered seriously (or appeared to do so) I truly appreciate the comments. Some of them made me melt like the Wicked Witch of the West! For those of you who went for levity--yours were equally appreciated. Femi--we'll talk!

Some things I noticed throughout, and some answers to questions. If I didn't answer your question, ask me again (if you really want to know...)--
  • Most of you think I'm too busy/need a vacation.
  • Many of you think I need a massage. Some of you offered!
  • Everyone thinks there'd be no HNT if it weren't for me. All I did was get the ball rolling. You guys keep it going!
  • Everyone wants to meet me.
  • Everyone thinks I'm going to be famous.
  • Most of you think I need a woman (it's that obvious, huh?).
  • A couple of you noted that I needed more boobie pics. Who am I to argue?
  • Most of you think I need to get out and meet everyone else.
And then there were the "bothersome" things. These are the ones I said earlier to be disturbing or distressing. Wrong words. I apologize for upsetting the balance of all things Blogger when I said that!
  • Very few of you came up with anything creative or exciting to do if you were alone in a room with me. Believe me, if you don't come in with some idea, it's going to be a boring time!
  • Many of you think of me as a big teddy bear. Well, unless you're squeezing the stuffin' outta me in your bed at night, the life of a teddy bear is sorta boring. To your credit, most of you want to hug me, so that's a good thing.
  • I remind most of you of a big brother/uncle/father (ack!). That's the story of my life. It's very difficult to have dirty thoughts about some of you if I have to be looking over my shoulder for the incest police.
And finally, random answers to things that came up (many of these answers will mean nothing to anyone but the person who asked)--
  • Holidays will be spent with my family, almost all of whom live here in Helena.
  • There exists a video of me doing a little dance with feathers. No one here will ever see it.
  • Eyes came out of a Monkey Ward catalog.
  • The "who would I ask out" question is a loaded question with no safe, correct answer. I choose not to answer. Which is not to say that I don't have an answer....
  • To see what I fear, go to Fear Friday over at Femi-mommy's. On Friday's, of course.
  • Favorite piece of music right now is the orchestral version of "Clair de Lune" by Claude Debussy. There is NOTHING that compares to the sensuousness and beauty of that piece of music. NOTHING.
  • Briefs.
  • There is no "private" HNT collection. Damn, I tried that with a straight face, too....
  • The IRS gets the money.
  • I've never tried "plooking", but I would tend to agree!
  • I'd live in Ireland. I'd love to vacation there, too!
  • HNT origins are on the "guidelines" page. Go click the button over there--->>>
  • Love peanuts!
  • I do dream in color!
  • 10-1/2 E
  • I sleep half-nekkid, of course!
  • You'll get the private answer about the seasonal "funk" later....
  • If you're lucky, you'll see exactly what can be done with that trombone....
  • I met a young lady that didn't know how to spell her last name--I was hooked at that moment!
My thanks to all that took the time to fill the thing out! It was fun!

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