Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Odds & Ends

Some of you might have caught the short blurb I posted just before leaving for Nashville that my computer crapped out on me. Yes, people, my Mac Powerbook was acting up. The one thing about Macs is that they never crash and burn. But when they do, they do it big time! I had my iBook with me on the trip (the one that had 2 screws and a spring left over after I swapped out hard drives). That was a lifesaver! After coming back home, I tried a couple of things to fix the Powerbook, then the weekend hit. Well, yesterday was dedicated to reviving it. After some cloning, and copying, and purging and erasing, I believe I've succeeded! This post is being done on it! And I've played around on some other apps, and things seem to be fine. Now I have to spend time wading through 343 unread emails (it duplicated alot, and there was alot of emailing going on during Nashville), and also getting this site out of its Christmas mode. And my surfing has been lacking too. So be patient with me!
I don't normally get involved in doing the prayer request thing, especially for complete strangers, but Julie brought this site to my attention. This woman has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy once a week now. She's not dwelling on it though--it's wonderful to see how upbeat she is about things. But she doesn't sugarcoat things either. Go check her out. She could use some prayers and good thoughts going her way. Maybe even some more tangible things as well.
Christmas around Osville (Osville???) was spent with family for the weekend. All but one sister live here, so it's not that hard to get together as a family, but during the holidays it's always special. And fairly quiet. There was more food than there should have been--thank God for the concept of leftovers! And beer. And the two older nieces beginning to get in on the "adult" discussions (no, not that type of adult). Discussing world affairs, politics, etc. Hard to realize that the oldest one has friends who have been married for a year or two with a kid. She just doesn't seem that old! Oh--no cameras. Anywhere. All weekend. I suck.
Update on Dad--First off, thanks to those who have asked about him. He's doing quite well, but will have to go back for a 15-minute surgery in mid-January to adjust the pacemaker somehow (all over my head....). When that happens, they'll take him off the medication that is currently causing him to have fluid in the lungs. He's moving a little slowly, and he tires easily still, but that's to be expected. He's got a little more color to him now, so that's a good thing. The plan is to do surgery, then fly off to Hawaii for 2 months. Damn, it must be nice to have come up with a good retirement plan!
The boobies request is still bringing in submissions. Now I'm waiting for those of you who said they'd come up with something.... don't let me down!
Not much more to write about at this time.

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