Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nothing Tonight!

Well, things have piled up on me, mostly due to my gross underestimation of exactly how much time it would take to get some projects completed, and the amount of time I have to complete them. So no real post tonight, but...
  • Carroll College defeated the Universtiy of Sioux Falls, 55-0, in the semifinals. That means Carroll will be playing for its fourth consecutive NAIA national championship in Tennessee on Dec. 17th. GO SAINTS!
  • We had a pretty good gig last night. Didn't get home until late, which is part of my problem today. Pics may or may not be posted.
  • I owe Tish two tags. I'll get to them, I swear!
  • I will do a post soon regarding the "fill in the blanks" thing down below. Far more people filled it out than I anticipated. And there's some disturbing disheartening (damn, that's not the word either...) things that come out of it all. More later.... (edit--After some concern relayed to me here--I loved it, it was quite revealing, I'm touched. There's just an observation or two that struck me. That's all!)
  • Christmas is 3 weeks away. I am not prepared.
  • I'll try to catch up as fast as I can!

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