Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Impressions of the Nashville HNT Crew

I've already had a few emails wanting to know what so-and-so is really like in person, or are there fully-nekkid pics of you-know-who available for purchase, etc. To set the record straight--if there was full-nekkidness, I didn't hear about it, and I didn't get to see it. Except maybe for Sam & Don. And everyone got along quite well! But I think it's appropriate to let you know what my impressions were of everyone I got to see/meet on this trip. So, in alphabetical order--
  • Bsoholic--OK, I'll be the first to admit that I don't check his site on a regular basis, but he was a Mystery Guest a number of weeks ago. BS seemed to be like the little brother I've never had. And probably the techno-geekiest of all of us. Which is OK, since that's not very hard to be! He floated around the room with ease, talking to all the girls! He constantly had the camera flashing. I'll definitely be making his site one of my regular reads.
  • Chunk--Chunk showed up late and left early. But we won't hold that against him. And he bears more than a stiking resemblance to his profile pic. Apparently his friend Seymour came with him, but I never got to meet him. I think we would probably be beer drinking buddies, as long as he promised to pass out first.
  • The next person would show up here, if I were using her name. She's had to move her blog, so I'm avoiding her name for awhile. But she's the first one I met, in a different town. She, her daughter and her boyfriend were great! She actually smiles quite a bit, she's cute as a bug, and she's petite. I could spend hours talking with her. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind. That comes out on her site, as well. I don't know when we'll get the chance to meet again, but I hope we do.
  • Kalani--I probably looked forward to this one more than anyone else. And it almost didn't happen. As I approached town, I called and called. No phone. I've driven almost 3000 miles, and she's not available.... We do finally meet up. She's as fun in person as she is on her blog or the phone. A little shorter than I anticipated. She looked tired--I think the work/kids/blogging/etc. schedule is wearing on her. But she still has the most amazing smile! We both had to cut things short. I could have spent a full day with only her. I find her fascinating, as most of us do. Nothing here to change that! I am so very glad that we at least got to meet face to face. Next time--it's going to be longer, I guarantee it!
  • Kelly--Kelly is one of the Klineapalooza girls. That means party! She didn't disappoint. Also a darned short person, there's not a great deal that she won't do. She's flexible in ways that can make grown men cry! And the tongue--must be seen to be believed! She's got alot going on in her life right now, but she still made the time to join us. Fun, attractive, vulgar--a wonderful combination!
  • Moose--Moose is my closest, bestest and most dearest friend on the planet. Original plan was that she'd join us in Nashville & the football game, but that couldn't happen. She did convince me to stay an extra day with her to recuperate. She's smart--that's why she makes the big bucks! She also gave up seeing her man for an extra day (after he had been gone for a week!) to spend our precious free time with each other. Well, one quickie, but that was before I got there... It often seems to her like I ignore her. Truth is, I think of her every day. I think you guys would like her!
  • RayRay--RayRay is a crazy man. He drove all night from TX to get to TN in time to get to the football game! What a guy! The first thing you notice is the hair. Then its color. then the man. RayRay comes from Oregon, and it's easy to tell. He sleeps like a log (and apparently in the nude--don't ask how I might know that). I think RayRay hasn't missed many parties in his life!
  • Sam & Don--Sam and Don. Don and Sam. Interchangeable, really. If you've read their blogs, you'd pretty much know what to expect. They offered the use of their suite for the post-lobby festivities. Which was darned appreciated! Sam and Kelly are best friends, so they kept the place jumpin'! And lots of stories! A note about Sam--she looks better than she photographs. I have to say that I was surprised by her amazingly good looks! And again, just a hair shorter than anticipated.
  • Summer--Anyone who has seen her blog, knows that Summer is gorgeous, fun, intelligent, and kind to animals. But until you meet her and talk to her in person, you've got no idea! She is sweet, engaging, and always has a twinkle in her eye. She started the evening a bit on the quiet side, but I think that was more of an analytical tactic--just to get a feel for those she didn't know that well yet. I really appreciated the fact that she was there, as she was one of my oldest blogging contacts. If I were in need of an autograph of just one person from this weekend, I'd be wanting hers! I really hope that we get to meet again! (I hope you had no problems getting home--you were behind me, then you weren't....)
  • Tish--As I've mentioned before, Tish was the catalyst for me to come down there at all. From the moment she called for help when she took the wrong turn-off on Friday, to the time we said "good-night" after the party--she was everything I expected. There is no question that she's as beautiful as she is in her posts. She is funny and witty, and rarely was left at a loss for words. She was at the party to meet people, and people wanted to meet her. I don't think anyone was left out! I KNOW that we'll meet again!
  • Vampiric Kitti--V.K. is Bsoholic's younger sister. She was the youngest and most recent HNTer there, and as such, was sort of an unknow entity. Personally, I hadn't read enough of her blog to get a feel for her, other than she's a fan of TSO. As am I! She was a tad late, so was introduced to everyone at once. I think there was a bit of hesitancy meeting all of us, but as the night ran on, she loosened up considerably. She was a great deal of fun! She jumped at the chance for photo opportunities all night! Even with her brother (no question they're siblings)! Another blog I need to rotate into the "everyday" pile!
  • YoJ--I didn't originally contact YoJ about this since I sort of lost track of her when she changed her blog (again....). Summer let her know, and we got in touch, and she was there for the first half of the night. I think she was definitely the "oldest" blogger of the bunch. I was reading her when I first started. She also used to have the most creative HNTs! Even though she's bowed out of doing those, I've enjoyed catching up with her regular post now (this link takes you to her poetry post). Meeting her was like meeting an old friend!

So that's who I saw. As I've said before--it was like a class reunion or something. All these people that you know more about than their real-life friends do, meeting for the first time. I don't think anyone felt like a stranger or out of place. I don't know where OsTour will take me next, but the bar has been set high! Thanks one and all for a great, great week!

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