Thursday, December 29, 2005

End of Year HNT

OK--I promise that this will be the last time I screw with HNT for awhile. It was painfully obvious that many of you don't come by here on a regular basis, as the Christmas Wish HNT came as a suprise to many of you. That's OK, my ego can handle that. It also shows why doing a "theme" for HNT is risky at best!

That having been said, I'll offer one last "theme" for 2005. A few of you over the past month or so have suggested that I come up with a "Best of HNT", or a Top Ten list of favorites, or something like that. HNT has never been intended to be a contest or other competition. Though some of you do it on ocassion, I don't rate HNT pics, or set up a specific site (like Bloggin' Hotties). That's never been what HNT is all about.

HOWEVER--for the end of the year, I think it would be good to see what you think is your favorite HNT picture that you've posted. And maybe a little explanation of WHY it's your favorite. Don't put up a picture of someone else's HNT. We want to see which of YOUR OWN pics is your favorite. And why.

Again, this is optional. If you've got something ready for this week, go ahead and use it. If you're still dealing with family and the holidays, then this will take a little pressure off. If you're a relative newbie, then you certainly could go either way here. And trust me--no more "themes" for quite awhile!

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