Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Highs & Lows of 2005 - The Highs

Damn--this is taking longer than anticipated! I thought I could get this done in one post. Obviously not! Here, I present the second half of the post from below.

"The 10 High Points of 2005"
(in ascending order)
    10. The Brad Paisley/Sarah Evans/Sugarland concert in Spokane with Megan. She's not a regular blogger, but she lurks from time to time. Great conversation, fun times! We had to drive back the same night so she could be at work, and I could get in line for Seinfeld tickets. No picture here--my camera was AWOL!

    9. Class of '75 30-Year Reunion. For you youngsters out there, when you get to this point, reunions are FUN! Bodies have changed, kids are most likely in high school, spouses don't get jealous, games aren't played much anymore. I saw some friends that I'd lost contact with since early college. I saw some friends from the cross-town high school's reunion that I hadn't seen since 6th grade! No pictures here, either. Too busy drinking beer!

    8. Symphony Under the Stars. The summer concert that the Symphony puts on for free on the campus of Carroll College. We had upwards of 7000 people out for the concert, which isn't bad at all. This is an official "View From the Back Row."

    7. Alison Krauss concert in Bozeman with just.a.girl. We were center aisle, maybe 5th row (can't remember). I was nabbed by security for having the audacity to take pictures. I got the camera back, after they deleted the memory card. Thank God for recovery software! This was also where I got to meet my second first blogger (and very first fan!) Lizabeth!

    6. My band--In Cahoots w/the Mob Rules Horns (yeah, it's damned long, isn't it?)--was named as the best band in town as voted by local residents. This, of course, wasn't news to us, but it was nice to see that everyone else thought so too!

    5. Early in my blogging, I got a comment back from someone who claimed that we lived in the same town. Son of a gun, darned if she didn't! Rachel has turned out to be one of the best beer buddies a guy could have! We spend alot of time together, which is nice (hope you guys are a little jealous out there!). She's told me to fuck off (in that seriously pissed at me way!), she's gotten girlie on me, we've watched all the Star Wars movies together. Among our activities was going to see Willie Nelson, together with Reckless Kelly and another band (my apologies to the Austin readers--Mike + the Mechanics is the only name I can come up with--you know who the other band was!). Cold and rainy and kick-ass! And Rachel flirted shamelessly with Willie throughout the entire night!

    4. My Portland trip in November. I got to see the Rolling Stones!!! I drove to Portland for the concert and took the ever-lovely just.a.girl. Lots of good things happened on this trip--the concert obviously, the half-nekkid pics of her and her best friend, the drive to the coast, the sushi above Portland. And the unannounced meeting of my second blogger--Addict! The brief amount of time spent with her was beyond-words-wonderful!

    3. The time that Moose was in town this summer. As I've said many times before, she is my absolute closest, dearest, bestest friend. I hadn't seen her in probably almost a year. Of course, I had to share her with her many friends here in town, which sucked, but what can you do? While she was here, she and just.a.girl and I went to the Mission Mountain Wood Band reunion concert. That doesn't mean much unless you're from Montana, but it was a great time! Moose--you need to move back to Helena!

    2. HNT--What more can be said? When this whole thing started in mid-May, I don't think there was a person on the face of the planet who could have anticipated what it would become. Not just half-nekkid bodies, but half-nekkid souls, half-nekkid confessions, and half-nekkid friends. I have gained dozens of new friends that I am closer to than the people I know in real life. I have become quite close with a small handful, and I'm so happy that they have come to depend on me, as much as I depend on them! I have gotten to meet many of them. I am amazed, I am humbled, and I am ever so grateful that you people have made this such a large part of my life, as well as yours!

    1. There was really no competition for this one! NASHVILLE!!

    I was in dire need of a getaway, Carroll was playing for the championship, and the circumstances were favorable to make this trip. I contacted Samantha Alice to see if there was a chance to meet, or even have a little party. Tish was already coming from out of town, and I had both Moose and just.a.girl looking at flying down for the football game (didn't happen...). Then RayRay joined in, and others started showing interest. I checked out the drive, and whom I might be able to meet on the way. Got to meet Fems, FreckleBoy and GG. Tish drove in on the night before (HOOTERS!). We picked up RayRay on the way to the game. The football team won their 4th consecutive national NAIA championship. We get back to party at the Nashville Hilton with KellyKline, SamanthaAlice, Dr. Pineapple, Summer, YoJ, Bsoholic, VampiricKitti and Chunk. I hadn't felt so much at ease in months. After many hours, we went our separate ways, but all with new-found friends. I got to meet Kalani for far too brief a time on my way to Minnesota. And I got to spend some time with Moose. This was, by far, the best thing I've done for myself in ages!

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