Monday, December 12, 2005

Whew! That's a little better!

I have just successfully completed the longest, most painful weekend I've had in ages. It was so bad that even Moose felt the brunt of it. She's a trouper (trooper?) though. Things are much better than they were when you called! The OsTour trip to Nashville comes at the perfect time. Still can't really afford to do it, but I have to get out of town, now more than ever! To recap the weekend:
    --I have kissed ass (lots of ass).
    --I have hunched over a computer for 12 hours straight without being online.
    --I have pissed people off.
    --I have been on the brink of publicly telling 100 musicians/singers to go fuck themselves, while rehearsing in a cathedral.
    --I have been uber-crabby.
    --I drank too many $1 pints of Heineken at our gig on Saturday night. I hate Heineken, but how do you argue with $1 pints??
    --I spilled an entire $1 pint of Heineken all over a guy's organ. I tried to wipe it off the best I could, but it was wet for the rest of the night.
    --I bitched most of the night about the set-up for our gig. All I can say is that it better be dealt with by the next time we play there (3 weeks).
    --I had to apologize to someone for something embarrassing I did and shouldn't have done.
    --I have neglected my blog, other blogs, and a shitload of emails.
    --I have neglected my friends, and got called on it.
    --I have neglected my laundry.
    --I have neglected my bed.
Granted, none of this compares to some potentially (and probable) bad news that I learned of over the weekend. I'm not at liberty to say who, what, when, where or why, but it did effectively shut down my own self-depression. For the most part.

Still planning to meet as many of you as I can on this trip. I've heard from most of the people I expected to. I know there must be some others out there that might like to join in on the fun. Email me to get the super secret OsTour website (yes, of course Kalani knows it!).

Oh, and the guy's organ? It was actually his piano, but I knew the organ reference would get you!

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