Sunday, December 18, 2005


I'm in a parking lot on the campus of a medium large university, where I have my choice of about 6 different wireless networks! I'm waiting for Kalani. We're going to do something....I don't know what yet. Yesterday was about as good as it could possibly have been. There were two parts to the day--football, then party--

Part One--Carroll College Fighting Saints won an unprecedented 4th NAIA Football Championship by defeating the University of St. Francis, 27-10, on Saturday!!! This is RayRay, Tish & I. More to follow tomorrow....

Part Two--One dozen HNTers met at the Nashville Downtown Hilton and proceeded to party like there was no tomorrow! There were hugs, introductions, beers, silliness, reminiscences, wine, gossip, beers, strategy sessions, drunk dialings, beers and half-nekkidness. Surprisingly, no cameras! If you believe that, don't bother checking this site out over the next week!

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