Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shameless Christmas Begging

EDIT #3: Booby pics will always be accepted at any time. I will only be blatantly crass and crude and continue to publicly ask for them through the week.

EDIT #2: Who would have thought that just by asking, I'd get booby pics?? And a safe to keep them in? Or an album to keep them in?? While I'm not being flooded by pics, I'm getting quite a few of them! Many thanks to those who sent a pic in, or said that they were working on one. All very tasteful, all very nice. One, in particular, was a bit of a surprise, but certainly appreciated! So in the spirit of Christmas gift-giving, I'll continue to accept booby pics for another week up to the New Year!

EDIT: Today's HNT/Christmas gifts post can be found a few posts below.
I've gotten some good response to this. Thank you to those who have taken the time!

A couple of weeks ago, Brico caused me to be in a little bit of hot water. He referred to my "private HNT collection". I said at the time that such a thing didn't exist, and then all sorts of people piped in with opinions about that. Yes, I've been privy to some preview shots, and have made suggestions with many, but I don't have a "private collection". After receiving another email this past week which basically mentioned the same thing, I've decided "screw it", maybe I should have one. To paraphrase a fellow blogger who apparently has had success with this, "If you ask for them, they will send them..."

So that's what I'm going to do. For Christmas this season, I want booby shots for my "private collection". Gentlemen need not send any. And no pictures of the weird bird or orangutan boobs. I want YOUR boobs. Uncovered, uncluttered boobs. More than half-nekkid boobs. For me, and me alone. Not that have been shared with others. Not that might have found their way to HNT. No cartoons or pics of Pamela Anderson's. Your boobs. Send them to my gmail account: osbasso (at) gmail (dot) com. If you want to send more than one picture, that's OK. If there's more than just boobies, that is certainly your decision. I'm OK with that too!

I won't tell who did or didn't send them. They'll never see the light of day. I just want my own "private collection". If this seems crude, I apologize. A week of traveling will do that to you. Thank you in advance for your holiday spirit....

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