Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Gone to Hell in a Handbasket

Dammit. This is my second attempt at this post.

I go away for a couple of days, and things go to Hell. To wit (no names given to protect the "innocent"):
  • One blogger spent time in jail this weekend! At least she looked good!
  • One blogger announced she was pregnant!
  • One blogger spent the weekend, not just in a communal shower, but also a communal hottub. And has pictures! And has no intention of sharing those....
  • One blogger has some personal relationship issues that cropped up.
  • One or two bloggers took exception with the fact that I would be someplace that was relatively internet-free! My apologies. I'll try not to let it happen again!
  • One, if not two, bloggers have decided to throw in the towel and quit for one reason or another. We'll miss them if they actually follow through. Hope you'll still lurk in the shadows!
I keep surfing, and keep finding new things happening! Guess I can't afford to take this much time off again!!
  • One blogger has been accepted to a snooty art school!
  • One blogger has gotten engaged!
  • One blogger got married!
  • One blogger accidentally picked up her baby's poop with her bare hand. She freaked.

I have my own personal reasons for contributing to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (the same group that organizes the "Race For the Cure"). But I would imagine that each of us knows someone who has been directly afflicted, or related to someone directly afflicted, with this terrible disease. That, in itself, is enough to make you want to contribute to one of the various charities dealing with breast cancer. But there's a blogger-based site that's doing its share. Yes, there's boobie shots to check out, and if that's a way for people to contribute, then so be it! Go click on the above pink banner.
There have been some more entries for this week's HNT Mystery Guest! A reminder that if you're going to submit a picture in time for this week's consideration, you need to have it emailed to me by late Tuesday night so that the "committee" can make their decision!
In that sort of light, there are some HNTers who have said that they'd bare their boobies for a certain donation. If that floats your boat, then check the button above to see what's involved with that!
I would have posted earlier, but I had to take a friend out for a few beers and laughs out in public. Funny how beer and a couple of bald-headed men will make you forget your troubles for awhile!
I should mention a little about the weekend that I was away. We played for a benefit for the Catholic school system in Livingston, MT. We played for the same thing last year, where someone payed $40,000 for a tin of homemade chocolate fudge. I don't know who made them, but unless it was the original Betty Crocker herself, that price seemed a tad high. But the money flowed all night, and no one seemed to bat an eye! All in all, a pretty good gig. Saturday we had to ourselves. Didn't seem to make sense to drive all the way home, just to turn around and come back to almost the same place on Sunday! The drummer and I went to Bozeman to play golf. Gorgeous day, mediocre golf on my part. I can blame that on a lack of playing during the summer. On Sunday we awoke to cold temps and lots of rain. Almost snow. We travelled down to Chico Hot Springs to play for a wedding. Without great detail, let's just say that the night was great! While I don't usually like theme-based weddings, these kids had a "gangster" motif (thing more along the Mafia and "The Godfather"). The bride's family is all Italian (including Uncle Vito--of course!). Between the bride's family and the groom's family, they own a huge chunk of the bar/restaurant business in Bozeman! Sort of in that "family" manner! Found out earlier today that Lizabeth knows both families and alot of guests, and probably would have crashed the reception if she weren't galavanting around the hot springs in Jackson with her boy! Drove home at the asscrack of dawn on Monday AM through lots of inches of unplowed slush. That was sort of fun!
I had really hoped to get caught up on all the blogs and emails today. It just ain't gonna happen.... I'll try to catch up in the AM. Happy October! Rabbit, rabbit.....

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