Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Birthday Wishes!

OK--I've still got 90 minutes to get this done before just.a.girl's birthday is over. I first met her in 2000. She was a timid, gawky looking teenager. A band geek. A cornet player. A former dancer.

As her years in school passed, she was still a bit camera shy (yes, those are her legs on the left), but could always be counted on to have her cell phone with her at all times!

By the end of her school years, she had blossomed into a wonderfully social young woman! A beer drinker! And a bit of a devil, to boot! Complete with a few surprisingly interesting secrets!

She now lives in the Portland area going to optometry school.

She's not quite as shy as she used to be in front of the camera.

And she makes friends a whole lot easier now....

To top all of this off, she's a Star Wars geek!! I've known this young lady for about 5 years. We've been good friends for about the last two. She's brilliant, witty, a babe, and I'm happy to call her my friend! Stones, here we come!!

Damn, it's 12:02. Well, it's only 11:02 there, so I'm OK..... Whew!

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