Sunday, October 16, 2005

The lottery, Bud Light and college football

I certainly expected to post this much earlier than I am. Real life has bitten me on the ass once again. I'm finding that I'm incredibly busy, but don't seem to be accomplishing much. I need to put some things into perspective. I need to start to multi-task better. I need to learn to say no. For a long time I have been the go-to guy when things needed to get done. I'm the one that can take care of things. I'm the one who knows alot of the answers. I'm the one that usually is taken advantage of, with no thought that it's an inconvenience. I'm the one that everyone thinks is available 24/7 because I have no life.

The two biggest problems with this?
One--I like being on the "inside", being the one in charge, being the one that people know to go to.
Two--I've let this happen to me. I'm too nice of a guy. I want to make everyone happy. Lord help those who get me drunk and allow me to vent!

Having gotten that off my chest, damn, I need to win the lottery really, really badly!

Look Ma! New pics! These were generously donated to me by Rachel. We had a great time at the football game Saturday. We were a little late getting there, so we didn't get to enjoy all the tailgating that I would have liked.

Here's a shot from Rachel's viewpoint of the perimeter of the tailgating crowd, with the stadium and scoreboard in the background.

Like you'd expect from a good Catholic college, the Knights of Columbus were there selling beer. Bud Light. I don't want to sound like a beer snob, but Rachel and I have become beer snobs. We haven't had a domestic beer in ages. Much more into microbrews. I think the Bud Light contributed to Rachel's "incident".

This would be a Black Hawk helicopter from the National Guard delivering the game ball. Well, two servicemen recently returned from Iraq stepped off the helicopter at midfield to present the game ball to the head coach and president of the college. As the helicopter lifted off (blowing everything within 300 yards clean!), you just can't help but be awed by the sight and the sound. General concensus--that was SO cool! I don't know who the large gentlemen in front of us are.

It was a gorgeous fall day--a great day for football! Not too many places in big college football where you get a view like this! The picture doesn't do it full justice--the leaves are at their peak color change, the temperature was ideal (almost hot), the tailgate charcoal wafting over the crowd, and the home team demolishing the visitors! When God invented football for the fall, it couldn't have been much different than this!

There gets to be a point in a rout that you start ignoring the game, and start wondering about mowing the lawn one last time, or if Home Depot has a sale on those leaf bags that look like jack-o-lanterns. The day was SO nice, and the game got ridiculously boring and predictable that we left at this point. Good thing, too. This was the final score. By coincidence, the sponsor being featured when she took the picture is the Brewhouse, where we go to drink beer in our snobbishness!

It was a fun afternoon, and Carroll won. They may very well walk away with their 4th consecutive national championship this season. The only weird part of the afternoon was Rachel's incident. It's too late for me to spend time embellishing the story--it was actually a little scary for about a couple of seconds. Carroll scores its second TD of the day just after they recovered a fumble across midfield. A gorgeous toss, great catch, and everyone jumps to their feet to celebrate. I don't know if it was the lack of breakfast, or the Bud Light, or what, but I notice Rachel grabbing my arm and not really jumping up and down. Actually, not doing anything. She did ask what people did when they fainted. I told her they don't ask what people did when they fainted, but she should sit and let the blood rush back to her head. After a minute or two, she was fine, but not quite all there. We got a burger out at the tailgate at halftime, and that seemed to help, but it was a little scary. Don't worry though. If she had actually fainted, I would have grabbed her camera and taken a picture of her first!

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