Thursday, October 13, 2005

HNT Mystery Guest IV

A situation has arisen. Sort of. It's been brought to my attention over the past couple of days, and by a couple of people, that I spend too much thinking, breathing, living HNT. I've even blogged about it. It's probably true. It's affected my sleep patterns (5:10 AM before I went to bed last Wed./Thurs.), and I find that I surf too much at work. I have used HNT as an escape (as I suspect many of you have) to the detriment of real life commitments.

So tonight--I'm going to bed "early". No later than 1 AM, hopefully by midnight. Tomorrow, I'll spend less time surfing. What does this mean to you? Only that I might not get to your site before the weekend. But believe me--I'll get there! I anticipate a full 275 people will be joining in this week. The comments don't totally reflect the numbers--there's always a couple dozen that don't leave a comment for one reason or another. To the regulars that I see commenting ahead of me, thank you, and keep up the good work!

This week's HNT Mystery Guest photo was a unanimous choice by the "committee". Be sure to note the half-nekkidness of the toes! Many thanks to those who have sent in submissions! I anticipate receiving a few submissions over the weekend, but if any of you want to join in, email me for details or hi-res files! I'm always taking new submissions!

Early posters include: Mitzzee, Blondie, Mona, Aughra, Gigi, Evil Petting Zoo, Leesa, Paul and Castle. Oh, hell. There's too many more to list. Just look on the bottom third of the comments on my previous post! Happy HNT!

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