Wednesday, October 05, 2005

HNT Mystery Guest III

I had this whole thing ready to go, then Blogger went into maintenance mode. Dammit! Well, this week's HNT Mystery Guest selection ended in a tie. So it was determined by coin flip. And this is the winner. And what a winner she is! I can't give you any real clues as to who she is, but what I CAN tell you is that this person is a grandmother. A grandmother of FIVE!!! Are you kidding me???? And I got to see her in the shower! If you're interested in submitting a Mystery Guest photo, be sure to email it to me by Monday. The current and former Mystery Guests will help me in choosing the new one!

In an unanticipated coincidence, the boobie shot works well, since I've been pushing the whole Boobie-Thon thing.
And since I've brought it up, the Fourth Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon is in full swing! But it ends on Oct. 8th, so if you're going to submit a picture or donate money (or both), you need to get over there! I fully urge any and all of you to send them an uncovered boobie shot and force the rest of us to pay for the privilege of getting to see them (many thanks to those of you who already have)! It's a good cause to show off (as opposed to HNT)! I'm also going to keep the pink background through the 8th, so some of the text will be hard to read. Sorry 'bout that!
Since we all had problems with Blogger, I wasn't able to get to those who posted early, so be sure to check the bottom half of the comments to my last post to see who's been up for awhile (gotta love them Asians/Europeans!). Happy HNT!

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