Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'm a hit!

I've just come to the realization that I'm a hit! How did I figure this out? It's not because of HNT--you guys are the ones doing the work there. It's not because of my occassionally witty writing--I don't do nearly enough of that. No, dear friends. It's because not once, but twice, yesterday, I was personally attacked for comments I'd made on other sites! I'm ecstatic! That only happens if you've made it big!

Were the comments particularly insulting, bitingly sarcastic, or life-altering? Hell no! Should that surprise me? Hell no! I do believe they were left by two different individuals (yay! I've pissed off 2 different people!). They were left anonymously (duh!), and exhibited a total lack of comprehension of what was being written, or its context. And in both instances, they actually NAMED me and directed their comments TO me--ON SOMEONE ELSE'S COMMENTS PAGE!! So I apologize to Femi-Mommy and Todd in Vegass for using up precious bits and pieces of their fine sites to stir up these anonymous jerk-offs' juices. For your sakes, I'll try to behave in the future. Damn! I just tried to type that with a straight face!

I'm so excited! I'm a hit!!

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