Thursday, October 20, 2005

Death in the HNT Family

As most of you know, Tony (BTExpress) has been a presence on HNT for quite awhile. Always one of the first to be checking on the week's posts, and always leaving comments. What some of you might not realize is that his wife has been enduring inoperable brain cancer for a couple of years. Well, her pain is no more. Tony's wife of 33 years, Barb, died on Monday. She had taken a turn for the worse after the weekend. Obviously this is a tough time for his family. Even though this was the expected outcome, and he was quite open about that, it doesn't take away the sadness. He asked me to convey his thanks to those who have already left words on his site or by email. He also approved my posting about it. Head over to his site and offer your condolences, especially if he's commented on your site quite a bit. He'll appreciate it.

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