Wednesday, October 05, 2005


OK. Here's the deal. It's the Fourth Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon. It runs through Oct. 8th. Last year they raised over $8000 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. That's with money coming from schmucks like you and me. For a great cause. The reason for the cause sucks, but you know what I mean....

Women (and men) submit pictures of their boobies (or chests/manboobs) for the rest of us to peruse. There are two sorts of pictures--"covered" and uncovered. The "covered" boobies are just that, though there's a broad interpretation of what that means. Paint, hands, jewelry, sheer bras--they all count as "covered". Those are available to be seen for free. The uncovered ones are available on a "pay-per-boobie" basis. For $50 or more, you receive a password to access the uncovered boobies. Totally out there for the world to see. What's nice is that there's no way to identify the boobies. There's no names or URLs given. Submitters have the option of being listed as a participant, but there's no way to attach a picture to a specific participant. It's pretty anonymous. The only way to identify a boobie would be if you recognized a tattoo or necklace or something like that. They even re-name each picture as it comes in. The money this year is going to either the Komen Foundation, or to the Red Cross (for Katrina relief). It's your choice.

Here's the fun part--there are already a number of our HNT sisters who have contributed photos for both the covered and uncovered pages. One has gone as far as to promise her shots for this week's HNT. There are big boobies, small boobies, ugly boobies, pierced boobies, tattooed boobies, painted boobies, wet boobies, biopsied boobies, boobies with props, boobies with themes, boobies with.....well, you get the idea. There's even a picture of a guy with a third nipple! No butts. No lower extremities. Just boobies.

So now for a proposition--I think that all of our HNT ladies (and guys, if you're interested) should submit a boobie shot to Boobie-Thon. Just take another picture as you're planning on your HNT. (For God's sake, don't forget HNT!!) Then let us know if you submitted a covered or uncovered photo (or both!). The rest of us will then have to pony up the $50 to see the uncovered ones. I've already done it. Have I recognized any HNTers? Possibly! But if you're going to do it, do it soon--things end on Saturday night!

Is this a pathetic plea to see your boobies? Maybe. Is this a sleazy way to get you guys to fork over $50? Perhaps, but the money goes to very good causes! If you're hesitant to participate, or have questions, I would recommend you check out the sample pages for the covered boobies. I will say that many of the HNT pics I've seen over the past few months would fit in quite well!

To end on a serious note--for the most part, breast cancer is killing our mothers, our sisters, our spouses, our children. Even a few men. There's not many of us left who have not been affected by breast cancer in some way. It's a monster disease, and the efforts to eradicate it need our support! If you can't give $50, give $5. If you can give $500, that's even better! Go to the site. See who's participated. See who's donated. See what you can do.

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