Saturday, October 15, 2005

Carroll College Football, and other things....

EDIT: Just a quick note to tell you that I won't be posting tonight. We have a gig tonight, so I'm off until sometime after midnight. And the update, if you haven't seen Rachel's site--Carroll 45, MT Tech 3. Pictures to come (her camera) and stories of Rachel's public drunkeness and near fall from the back row of the bleachers! Later!

I haven't really talked a great deal in the past about Carroll College. Carroll is a small Catholic liberal arts college located in Helena. They have an outstanding reputation as a small school, and their graduates are spread far and wide. I am the only member of my family who's not actually take a class there, but I was on staff there for 10+ years. But we don't care about any of that, because it's Fall, and that means FOOTBALL!

Rachel and I will be going to the big football game this afternoon. Carroll is the THREE-TIME defending National Champion in NAIA football. It doesn't matter what classification you play in. To be the THREE-TIME defending champion is pretty damned special. And it appears that they will probably win again this season. The championship game is played in Hardin County, TN (can you host a guest in December?).

One of the major reasons is due to QB Tyler Emmert. He is on target to becoming the most accurate QB in college football history. And that's at ANY level. Check out his stats here. The kid has lost TWO games in his entire career (high school and college).

For those of you who go to the huge games, you've got nothing on small college football. There is a very real connection between the community, the players and the fans. We've got the tailgate parties. We've got the rivalries. And we'll know many of the people at the game. There will be 5500 fans there today. For a school of 1700 or so, that's pretty good too. The temperature is supposed to be in the mid-60s and partly cloudy. Damn, I do love the fall! GO SAINTS!!
We certainly had an interesting week in HNT! Among the highlights I'd have to include superb displays of flexibility (thanks to Kalani and Aughra), TWO sites with "personal" piercings (yes, that piercing), Star Wars, half-nekkid breakfasts and a little bit of Andy Warhol influence. As well as the rest of the great shots! Oh, yeah. Ranting, too.Well done, once again!
Still looking for more Mystery Guest submissions! Things aren't rosy on the new camera front yet, so I'll still be taking MG shots for at least a couple of weeks. Be sure to email me your picture by Monday night so I can get it out to the committee! If you've got questions or need a file, let me know!
While out surfing and googling HNT and assorted words, I found a small group of friends in Texas who have been doing this for about 4 weeks. As far as I could tell, there was only one commenter that I recognized as one of our regulars. PLEASE, if you know of someone new at this, or has been doing it for awhile, have them notify me! It's certainly not a requirement to "check in", per se, but we all want to know who's joined in!
Nothing like a rant or a little controversy to bring out the emails. Especially when I've turned off the comments option! Loved hearing from many of you. I promise I'll respond to all of you who wrote. It was particularly nice to read about other thing besides the rant--a nice way of getting a better insight to some of you!
I would have posted this last night, but I spent the night playing THE GAME over at Brico's site. Check it out! See how well you know your fellow bloggers! But don't bother with submitting your answers. I finished and already sent them in....

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