Thursday, October 27, 2005

Small TIdbits

Here's alot of unrelated bits of stuff cluttering my mind tonight:
  • Shumpy recommended adding a Frappr! map for HNT. So I did. There's a button over there in the sidebar. Give your information, add an avatar, and let's see where we're all at!
  • I hope you all appreciated the comments section being available early. Once again, we're getting a little lax on the "Thursday" part of HNT. Again, let's hold off on posting things until 10:00 PM unless it's really necessary! Of course, those of you who live east of Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada--just post on Thursday!
  • My camera came today!!! My camera came today!!! My camera came today!!!
  • My stress level comes to a head this Saturday night when the Symphony performs its second concert of the season. For those who want to know: Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man", Kapilow's "Summer Sun, Winter Moon" (premiere performance) and Dvorak's "New World Symphony". The Kapilow piece was commissioned by three orchestras in celebration of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial. We will be playing the "final" version. Documentary film crew, Native American ceremonies, singers, dancers, musicians--this is why I've been so busy this past couple of weeks. That's also why I'm running away to see just.a.girl and the Rolling Stones next week! If you want to hear the "Fanfare...", check it out below (about 3 min. long).

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  • I had pizza and beer with Rachel last night. We watched "Ray"--an outstanding movie. And yes, we talked about many of you!
  • I anticipate a great surprise for you next week! No hints, no clues!
Time to go check out the rest of the HNT posts. Kudos for a fine holiday theme! For those of you who missed the word on that, don't worry about it. We still love ya! And I have to get up to speed with the camera.

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