Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TMI Tuesday #165 and a CD

1. What is the greatest age difference between between and a SO? Older or younger? - Have you noticed that no one ever sees the grammatical problems with these questions? Probably would be about 6 years younger.
2. What is the greatest age difference between between and any sexual partner? Older or younger? - I think I'm going to have to say between 18-20 years younger. Hmmm...might have some explaining to do on that one. Or not.
3. Have you started your holiday shopping? Is it done? - To which holiday are you referring? Doesn't make any difference. The answer would be the same, regardless...
4. What are the chances there will be a "naughty" present under the tree this year (either from you or for you)? - If there's going to be anything "naughty", it's going to be from me TO me. Unless some of you have something planned for my virtual Christmas tree! This would be a good time to mention the "Collection", wouldn't it? ;-)
5. What is your favorite holiday song? - It varies from day to day, but currently, it's "It Happened In Sun Valley". Not really a Christmas song, per se. Originally a minor hit for the Glenn Miller band in the 40s, I much prefer the version found on the South Park Christmas album. Rarely does a remake outdo the original, but in this case, the South Park guys really nailed this one! Except for the pukey sounds... Unfortunately, the song that I have found myself singing to myself at the most inopportune times is also from that album--"The Lonely Jew On Christmas".

Bonus (as in optional):Do you have a preferred time of day to have sex? If so, why? - I'm confused by this question. And did you mean with another person?
I was going to hold off on a CD recommendation tonight, as I should be in bed, but since I mentioned it above... It's the South Park Christmas album "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics". This is certainly not everyone's cup of eggnog. If you're a fan of South Park, then you're probably a fan of this album. If you think that SP is the crudest, most vile crap you've ever seen, then you'll probably think the same about the album. Not all of the songs are crude, but the ones that are make up for the others. If you haven't heard this album, and aren't afraid of explicit lyrics (on a Christmas album???), you might like some of this. It does help if you're a SP fan, though!

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