Sunday, December 07, 2008

A tad bored at rehearsal...

Amazing what sorts of things run through your mind when you’re twiddling your thumbs during a three-hour rehearsal that you’re not actually involved in! I’m writing this in the midst of the dress rehearsal (Sunday afternoon) for tonight’s “Messiah” concert. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to upload it during my brief time home before the concert.
I got to watch the end of both games involving my teams yesterday. Yay!! The Griz exacted their revenge on Weber State, 24-13, to advance to the semifinal game next weekend against James Madison University. Weber handed UM their only loss of the season, so it was nice to get a little payback! Though the score wasn’t terribly high (by Big Sky Conference standards), the game was great! GO GRIZ!!!

Carroll College handed upstart Lindenwood University a loss, 38-37, to advance to the NAIA championship in Rome, GA in two weeks. The Saints couldn’t shake them, as the Lions came roaring back (did I really just type that??) in the last two minutes and scored on a 99-yd drive with about 30 seconds to go. To their credit, they attempted a two-point conversion to win the game, but the pass was deflected by an out-of-position defensive back for the Saints, and they started making their plans to head to Rome! They will be looking for their 6th championship in 7 years! Their opponent in the championship game will be the University of Sioux Falls, ranked #2 all season, and a familiar foe. I was going to suggest that anyone that lives in the area should go the game and see two high-quality teams battle it out. However, when looking at a map—there’s not really anything near Rome. But if you have an afternoon to kill… GO SAINTS!!! More on both teams in the upcoming weeks.
Starting tomorrow (I hope), I’m going to feature with each post a Christmas CD that is really good, or has some sort of meaning for me. Anyone who’s read me for any time knows that I LOVE Christmas music, and these will probably be somewhat offbeat for many of you. Hope you might find some interest in that…
Also going to try to do a rotation of winter/Christmas pictures in my header all taken by fellow Montanan (and wonderful bloggerfriend) Leesa. I’ll credit her under each picture with a link to her photography site. I have been enamored of her work since I first found her. Many of her photos can be found on greeting cards, and may be available online (I’ll check). Anyway, I hope you like the variety!
As I was driving the equipment truck around on Friday, I had the (mis)fortune of driving past one of the middle schools as they were letting students out for the weekend. The temperature was still in the mid-20s, and there was a bit of a breeze. A significant number of kids (boys) were walking home (I’m all for that) in nothing but a long-sleeved t-shirt, at best (not so much for that). At what point does “being cool” give way to “freezing”? And there were a couple of kids wearing basketball trunks! Walking home! Granted, the legs of those things hang damned near below the knees these days, but still… Who lets them out of the house like that??? Damn, I’m sounding like my mother now.
Has anyone used the new gmail themes? Like? Dislike? Think they look funny? I’m not big into themes, but I’m curious if I should take the plunge…
OOH!!! “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is on ABC on Monday night, and I have the night off!!! Woohoo!!! Christmas must be just around the corner!!!

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