Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nutcracker HNT

Might have known this would happen... My power cord has fried. I'll stay around as long as the battery lasts. Then I'll catch you from work. Grrr....
It's official. Not having computer access on Wednesday night really, really sucks. I'll get around to you as soon as I can...
As noted in the post below, things have been pretty busy these past few days. And things get busier in the next few days. So much so that I missed spending any time with S1 who flew into town for a few days. I got to see her for about 10 minutes on Saturday. Missed out on the family dinner on Sunday.

My blog surfing has suffered too, but that was anticipated. And as one commenter noted, it's all worth it. And for all my bitching, it really is, and I'm really in an element that I love. Though, for those keeping track, I might have injured myself again. I'm not sure. I felt a "snap" somewhere between my left wrist and the tip of my ring finger. Now it just feels stiff, but hurts if it's bent back some. Glad I'm right-handed!

With all the time spent with the symphony, I haven't had any real chance to take any half-nekkidness (not even in the church--sorry Evening!). I really hate recycling my HNTs, but I might be off the hook here. I don't believe that this particular picture has been an official HNT yet. Which isn't to say that it hasn't seen the light of day before. This is from quite a few years ago, at a "come-as-your-favorite-Christmas-character" Christmas party. Notice that no one else did...

I've never seen you looking so lovely
As you did tonight
I've never seen you shine so bright
I've never seen so many men
Ask you if you wanted to dance
They're looking for a little romance
Given half a chance
And I've never seen that dress you're wearing
Or that highlights in your hair
That catch your eyes
I have been blind

The lady in red
Is dancing with me
Cheek to cheek
There's nobody here
It's just you and me
It's where I wanna be
But I hardly know
This beauty by my side
I'll never forget
The way you look tonight
~~Lady in Red - Chris De Burgh

Sorry. It's almost tomorrow, and it's the first chance I've had back to reveal our lady in red. Many of you recognized her as Another Suburban Mom! Be sure to stop by and check out the cookie exchange on Friday!
A new wrinkle at "...the Other HNT" this week. The guys almost outnumber the girls. At least at the time that I'm typing this. Even a little bit of Christmas cheer over there, too! Be sure to stop by and leave comments. Yes, it's NSFW.
Be sure to check out the December themes over there at the top of the sidebar! The first one kicks in next week! The short description--I want to see your Christmas tree (along with your half-nekkidness). If you celebrate something other than Christmas, then whatever's appropriate! Click on the specific dates up above for more details! Suggestion: start thinking about the Three Wishes HNT now. It's not as easy as it sounds!

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