Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Three Christmas Wishes HNT

When I first started this in 2005, it was such a great hit that people insisted that I do it again. And so it continues. The premise--choose three bloggers/HNTers to receive your Christmas wish. They can be from the heart, or humorous, or fantasy. There's no limitations. Other than the three chosen should be bloggers that aren't necessarily close friends. The reason being that you'll probably be sending that person a card or gift in real life anyway. And to avoid being #4 in a particular person's "circle of three", when you thought you were #1 or #2! Anyway, I hope you all gave this some thought! The biggest complaint I hear about this theme is that it's so hard! Good!

Without further ado--my three Christmas wishes:

Southern Sage
For Sage, I've chosen two gifts. First, the Roget's International Thesaurus. With the word "stellar" circled and cross-referenced. In red pen.
Secondly, a large can of every man's favorite lubricant, WD-40. To take care of that sticky "a" key on his keyboard. I don't know why it's sticky, nor do I want to. Merry Christmas, Sage! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


For Carnalis, I chose one of those big full body pillows. Sure, they're intended for pregnant women (and I'm not choosing that as her Christmas gift!), but I think they'd be a great addition to the bed! Hell, I'd love to have one! So for some of those long, lonely nights you've been having, one full body pillow. For long comforting nights of cuddling. With a slightly perceptible scent of trombone slide oil permeating the fabric. And if your kids want to join in the cuddling, there's plenty of room for them, too! Hope you have a great family Christmas!! Love ya!

NY Diva

Nothing profound to say here. For NY Diva, I want to get her a Gorilla. She knows why, and that's all that matters! Have fun with it! ;-) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Well, after a couple of starts/stops, we've got ourselves a Mystery Guest! I'm not sure if these were an early gift from Santa, or for Santa, but I think we can agree that they're a great gift for us! This MG is fairly new to our little world, and she's doing it among all the other turmoil she's dealing with in her life. But she's a fighter! Doing what she does best--being sexy, single, and just a tad sassy!

She'll be revealed later today, but if you think you know who it is, do stop by and wish her a Merry Christmas!
Well, if my little blurb didn't give it up...the MG is the lovely Cher over at Sexy, Single, Sassy Mom. Stop by and say hi!

Lots of nekkidness over at "...the Other HNT". Even some continuing Christmas-related pictures! Be sure to stop by and check your fellow HNTers out! Leave some comment love for them too! Yes, it's NSFW!
Final HNT of the 2008 is next week! Choose YOUR favorite HNT of 2008 of the ones that you posted. Not your favorite one of Vixen or Dana or 13Messages. Unless, of course, you happen to be one of them... We want to see the one of YOU that is your favorite, and give your reason(s) why. Check the details more by clicking the link at the top of my sidebar!

Finally, I'd like to take this chance to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! Or Happy Hanukkah! Or whatever particular celebration you're enjoying this week! Not in a zillion years did I think that "Half-Nekkid Thursday" would turn into this wonderful community that it has. But I'm so glad that it did! Thanks to each and every one of you for making it as fun as it is! To those I'm a little (or a lot) closer to, I hope to make the rounds to wish you each an individual Merry Christmas. Wish me luck!

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