Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TMI Tuesday #166 - Merry Christmas!/
CD Recommendation

1. What present do you hope ends up under your tree? - Honestly, I don't have anything specific I'm hoping for ('to hope for' would imply a possibility of actually getting it!). If I had a Christmas Fairy who would grant it, it might be a no-limit, pre-paid, open-ended gift card to the Apple store! Of course, I might have a virtual Christmas tree that would need some things sent for putting underneath. I think you know what I'd like...
2. What present are you most psyched about giving (PLEASE be vague or ignore this question if the recipient reads your blog)? - Actually, the recipients have already received them. Special Christmas tree ornaments. I'm hoping to see a picture of them hung on their trees.
3. Do you prefer to give or receive? - I'll assume this refers to Christmas gifts. I actually prefer giving, but often feel inadequate for not having the means to do "better". On the other hand, if I receive a gift, something that's obviously had some thought or personal touches involved mean much more to me than something that's flashy and expensive. Just got something like that in the mail today! (thanks, sweetie!)
4. What is your favorite part of a sexual partner's body? - I seem to remember that it's the upper chest/collarbone/neck.
5. What is your favorite part your body - the one you hope a sexual partner will find or pay the most attention to? - Ooh, if a partner spent a great deal of time massaging my feet, hands and face, I wouldn't care if anything else happened the rest of the night. Well, that's not quite right, but you know what I mean...
Bonus (as in optional): [Idea blatently stolen from Os and his HNT wishes.] What Christmas wishes would you grant to whom? - Should I be calling the Blogger police or something?? Nice try--you're going to have to wait another day to see my answer to this!

If you've played along, be sure to let everyone know at TMI!
I've mentioned before that I really like most parodies of Christmas songs. There's no one quite as good at it as Bob Rivers. Rivers is a DJ at KZOK-FM in Seattle. Since the mid-80s, he's put out 5 CDs (plus compilations) of Christmas songs and carols. And there's not a bad one in the bunch! Similar to "Weird Al" Yankovic. But even better! Imagine "Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem" sung to the melody of "House of the Rising Sun" (which works quite well, actually!). Or alternative Christmas lyrics to classic rock standards ("Jesus' Birthday" to the Beatles' "Happy Birthday"--uncanny how close it sounds!). But it's not limited to rock. Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" with the lyrics of the "What's It To Ya Chorus" (really--sing some of these to yourself!). "Chipmunks Roasting On an Open Fire", "The 12 Pains of Christmas", "I Am Santa Claus" (think Black Sabbath's "Iron Man")--the list is too long to put here. If you're looking for a bit of stress relief, and some bits of semblance to your "normal" Christmas music, you'll love these! And really, couldn't we all use some of that?

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