Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Done! (TMI next post down...)

First things first. I won't be online tonight. My mom needs her power cord back, but mine hasn't come in yet. I'll stay on for as long as the battery lasts...
My performance duties for the month have ended!! Fifteen days in a row of rehearsals or performances or equipment loading or equipment unloading or, well, you get the idea. Sunday was the killer day. First of all, the cold. The weather forecasts were dead on--sub-zero temperatures, wind and snow. I dressed in my tux (no time to change) and headed for a rehearsal with a choral group here. Of course, it ran long, and 7 of us had to get to Nutcracker. We all made it, but it would have been nice to have a little down time inbetween. While there, I tried to start the equipment truck. It simply laughed at me. Well, not really--the thing was dead. The truck I'd need to clear out our equipment immediately after the ballet, and immediately before the choral concert 90 minutes later. The cold sucked out every bit of life from the battery. Fortunately, I'm a "go-with-the-flow" sort of guy. More on that in a minute. The choral concert went well (for my particular part, anyway), and I headed home. I was in bed and asleep by 9:00. Totally exhausted.

Monday morning found me at the local U-Haul to pick up a truck to move the equipment we'd left overnight. From 7:40-10:10 in the morning, I worked in the -11° cold, loading/unloading equipment, delivering other equipment, and working up a sweat. Honestly, it wasn't too terribly bad. I was dressed for it, and as long as I kept moving, it was fairly nice. Even the nose hairs freezing together wasn't so bad! It was worse when I got to work, where the thermostats broke down over the weekend. It was a whopping 58° at my desk. In my sweaty clothes. The hot shower when I got home was heaven on earth!

The cold seemed to perk up my Christmas spirits, as did a particular chat yesterday. I find myself in the mood! Not prepared, mind you, but in the mood! I'll have more to write about the things I thought about in the cold. But right now, I'm played out. And very glad that I don't have anything coming up soon!
Don't forget that this week is Christmas Tree HNT!! Click on the link at the top of my sidebar to get the details! Hope to be back soon!

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