Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cold HNT

"A Christmas Story" is on right now!!! Woohoo!
As mentioned in my prior post, the weather took a sudden and immediate turn towards winter on Tuesday. The streets are still quite icy. Parking lots are like skating rinks because plows didn't get to them before traffic and weather made that impossible. Yet, for the first time this season. I think the Christmas spirit is beginning to bubble up (maybe it's Taco Bell. I'm not sure...)! The snow and the cold, in spite of the cluster that was downtown Tuesday night, might have given it a jump start. And the 24/7 Christmas music.

During Tuesday night's 'Messiah' rehearsal, I ran out to move the equipment truck to a quiet corner of the parking lot (I don't actually play this concert--Handel neglected to write parts for the trombone. That would be typical, though, as the instrument hadn't really been invented yet. But I digress.). The church that we will actually be presenting the concert is across the street, so I figured I'd take my HNT at the same time. Trust me--I'm half-nekkid underneath...

On occasion, one finds an internet friend.
One who jumps in and participates in all the “cool” things.
TMI Tuesdays.
Da Count.
And you get to know them pretty well.
Then life sneaks up and they get skittish.
They close up shop.
And most of us never know what happened.

Once in awhile, though, they sneak back in!

This week’s MG won’t be revealed, but if you can figure out who I’m referring to above, she’d want you to know that she’s alive and well and lurking around. She's also starting the next chapter in her life. You might recognize her picture here, too!
Lots of people over at "...the Other HNT" again this week. Be sure to check them all out! And be sure to leave comments--they all love comments! Of course--NSFW.
THEME ALERT!!!--Be sure to click on the three HNT themes listed at the top of my sidebar! For those who haven't figured it out yet, you don't have to take new HNT pics for the last two! That will help, especially if you're entertaining family, friends, neighbors, etc. during this season. The links go back to prior years' posts explaining what's going on. If you have questions, feel free to ask, or rummage through my December archives for the past three years!

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