Friday, December 19, 2008

Championship Weekend!!

Friday night, 8:00PM EST, ESPN2
Montana Grizzlies vs. Richmond Spiders
NCAA FCS Championship

Oof--that was ugly.
Saturday afternoon, 12:00 noon, CBS College Sports
Carroll College Fighting Saints vs. University of Sioux Falls Cougars
NAIA National Championship

Many thanks to the vast majority of you who included your Christmas trees (or other holiday cheers) to this week's HNT! Be sure to give some though towards next week's theme (remember, it's a day early next week!!). Feel free to "gift" someone you might admire, but don't really "know" all that well. And don't forget that half-nekkidness is on hiatus for the week (except for the truly exhibitionist amongst you...).
I found a video of Diana Krall performing "Jingle Bells" that I thought you might like. This is more up-tempo, and less sultry than some of her stuff. Still, it's a fun song!

Today's Christmas CD is another jazz offering, this time from Russ Freeman, leader and guitarist for the jazz fusion group The Rippingtons. Not really a household name, but well-known among jazz enthusiasts. On "Holiday", he presents the standard Christmas classics, but in the "sound" of the Rippingtons. Lots of horns, guitar, and not much in the way of vocals (which is fine with me!). Other songs are solo acoustic guitar. Probably my favorite song of the CD is "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" which is NOT one of my favorite Christmas songs. The Latin style applied to it really puts it over the top! "This Christmas" (another one of my least favorite songs) is also done quite nicely. Freeman has brought together a nice collection of different styles and sounds with this album. Again, not one of my top ten, but certainly one that comes out every year!

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